Being a mom isn't about being perfect.. breathe a sigh of relief. With the rise of adoption, fostering, and merging of families to add step children, the image of motherhood is changing. It's okay to get out of the typical square image of the mom box, and step into the freedom of just being you. As we go through the process of healing for our children, of blending homes, we receive healing for ourselves as well. We aren't on a mission to restore what was broken, but to build something completely new from it all. Every night, no matter how tough the day was, we have the choice to shake off the frustrations, lay aside our imperfections, and remind ourselves of how far we've already come. Every morning is a fresh start to making new memories, reminding our children how loved they are, and to remake our own image... to remake mom.

Enjoy some snip its from my chaotic life of being mom of an internationally adopted child. This is the journey of our remaking. I hope you laugh, cry, and find courage from our experiences. 

To all the mom's of adopted, foster, and step children: you are a hero! 

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