National Adoption Day thoughts

Brought into the world. Immediately separated from the mother, whose heartbeat they heard for months.

Some went straight to their new family. Others went into the care of a foster home. Even more found themselves in an orphanage, rarely getting the much needed attention.

"One day they'll appreciate how you saved them."

"What's wrong with them?"

"What happened to their parents?"

"Do they remember any of the bad stuff?"

"Aren't you afraid they'll want to go back to their country?"

"Why would anyone ever want to go back to that country?!"

"Why didn't you adopt from here?"

"You're such a good person."

"They're so lucky to have you."

Adoption isn't a rescue mission. It's not a swoop in and save a life and earn a metal of parental honor.

My adopted son isn't a trophy. I did not earn the right to be his parent. He did not ask me to be his mom.

Adoption is often a punch in the gut. The initial process can be antagonizing and daunting. Hearing "you aren't my real mom", can rip your heart.

Adoption is an act of love. It's a calling, a desire placed in the heart. It's a longing to help a child know they are wanted, feel they are safe, trust they are loved. It's the billowing of love from your own heart, so much that it can't be contained. It's stepping outside of the comfort zone, risking it all, for the child who needs love.

The reward is the laughter, the joy, watching your child grow in truth and love. Adoption truly is an amazing thing! I wouldn't trade him for the world!