An Epidemic of Bullying

I can't help but to be appalled by how some adults are acting these days. With social media making it easier to express our opinions, it's as if our raw views are being blasted all over the place. Between the topics of politics and pop culture, everyone has something to say. I'm not saying we should remain silent when we don't agree with something; after all change is less likely to happen if we don't do something to defend what we believe. But here's my problem: too many people have become critical and speaking hate toward what they're against, rather than encouraging others and speaking love toward what they are for.

This week, I've learned about some pretty severe cases of bullying. Now, we can go round and round about the reasons that bullying occurs, but just hear me out. My son is a big, black boy; he experiences judgement and hate, he has been a victim of bullying, and is likely to be perceived as a bully himself. My soon to be step son is a skinny, white boy; he experiences judgement and hate, and has become the victim of bullying. They are so different, yet both experience hate, judgement, and bullying. Why? I believe we've created this culture.

Look at media. If you're thin, you're criticized. If you're overweight, you're criticized.  If you're in between, you're criticized. One's heritage and the color of skin has divided our culture again. We argue back and forth with someone who is on the other side of the political spectrum. What are we doing? As adults, we are failing. Our children are watching, as we've been creating a culture that says no one is good enough. It's heartbreaking.

I don't know about you, but it makes me angry to hear that someone is being bullied. Meanwhile, many of us have become the very monster that we tell our children not to become. A hate driven, narrow minded, aggressive, intolerant monster. Stop it already! For the love of God, stop this nonsense.  How can we expect our children to grow in love and respect, if we are acting like fools ourselves?

How easily we forget that we shape the future that our children will live in. Adults, we can do better than this. Let's look in the mirror and start there.