Blended Beyond Prediction

Life shifts and changes in ways we often can't predict. I predicted that after bringing our son home from Haiti, we would be the happy little family I had envisioned. I predicted that God would reawaken things in our lives that were very much needed, so that our son could have the best and brightest future. I did not predict divorce. The last thing I could fathom was causing our son to endure more brokenness and heartache. We were supposed to protect him from all the things that could go wrong. We were supposed to help him heal from the heartaches and confusion from his already tough journey. But not even a year after our son being in our home, our home split. In that moment, I felt like a failure.

But even in our failure, God is still good and still in control.

Fast forward three years, and you'll find us here, in a place that I had no way of foreseeing.

My previous husband remarried, and his wife is such a wonderful bonus mom to our son, I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for her. And I've remarried, not only bringing in a bonus dad, but also adding two brothers to the mix. Needles to say, there have been a lot of changes all in a very short period of time, all big changes that require adjustments. Changes for the average child are hard. Changes for children from hard places can seem devastating, like everything is spinning out of control. And it has been tough. Really tough. Not only for our adopted son, but for all three kiddos blended. But in the midst of the chaos, we look for good. And we found it, by joining hands as parents to work together for the children. You hear horror stories of crazy exes, but we are blessed to be the odd group of adults that somehow manage to actually be friends.

We still have a journey ahead of us. We all have some things to work through. Healing doesn't necessarily happen over night, although that would be miraculously amazing if it did. 

So here we are, two families united for our children. Mom and bonus dad, dad and bonus mom, bonus siblings, mixed, blended, bonded together with love. This is not what I had predicted, but it's turning out to be even better than what I could predict. I'm grateful that God is still in control. He has taken our failures and turned them into blessings. God truly does make beauty from ashes! Now, I can't imagine my world without my family of five, even though going from mom of one to three in an instant has come with its own set of challenges. There's no predicting what's to come, but I'm confident that whatever twists and turns our journey takes will lead us right where God plans.