Passive Racism

I can't take it anymore! Let me address something... Passive racism. I'm not talking about the blatant racist groups, we all know they mean to say what they say and do what they do. I'm referring to the comments we white people hear other white people make and just excuse it, saying "they didn't mean anything by it" or "they didn't know what they were saying".

My family is mixed by adoption and blended by remarriage, and every person will know that they are perfectly loved. I am thankful for the family God has put together, because through the journey, I've come to learn more about what I need to fix in my own life. I admit I have been part of the problem; however, I will not remain silent any longer. I cannot stand by as any white kid comments about my black son being dirty. I cannot ignore white kids telling him that he can't participate in drawing on their bodies because he's too dark. I cannot tolerate white people using their words without thinking. It's painful to clean up the mess of ignorance and to watch my son try to shrug it off. It hurts me to see him feel like he can't admit it hurts. I hate that I've had to begin to combat things like him calling himself a black chimp, because he thinks that if he makes fun of himself it'll get better.

And I'm tired of the excuse that he/she isĀ  "just a kid and only stating what they see". Cool, I understand that toddlers are still learning, but know what that means? It means that you use every moment as a teaching moment. Every. Single. Moment. Please, don't ignore how much words hurt.

Stop it with the excuses. Please, I'm begging you, stop it. Stop participating in passive racism.