Unicorn Haircut

He was planning to buzz his hair all off, but we got here and he begged me to stop. Said “I’m a unicorn!” Then he proceeded with “but it’s my head.. so it’s my property, right?” It’s only hair, and it grows back. So we made a deal. He’s free to express himself via appearance in whatever way he feels comfy, within limits of course. But, if his attitude shifts and he can’t be respectful, then parents choose the styles.

I think it’s a pretty fair trade. I mean, if he’s confident enough to rock this, then why not? Maybe we have a trend setter on our hands. Or maybe just a goofball. Either way, one’s parenting shouldn’t be judged by how their kiddos choose to be unique. I’ll take uniqueness over cookie cutter boring any day! Pick your battles. Let them have a say in some things. Teach them to be themselves, not little clones of their parents.