Washing Cranky Pants

A wise friend once told me that when things get frustrating and it feels like no one cares or notices, do everything as if doing it for God. I mean, we are supposed live our lives in such a way that we are in some constant God glorifying mode anyway, right? So why is this so hard in the tough times?

Ya know, those times when no one notices that clothes magically get from the hamper (let’s be honest, more like from the corners of the floor), to the washer, and back to their rooms to be put away... only to be found thrown in the hamper, often because the kids are too lazy to put them on the hangers and they think mom won’t notice or care.

Those times when the cleaning fairies zoom through the house, scrubbing the dishes, sweeping the floors, picking up the random goldfish and nerf bullets before the pups get them.

Those times when we express our exhaustion, confusion, frustration, concerns, or feelings. But it seems it all falls on deaf ears.

Even in those times. ESPECIALLY in those times, we do things as if we are doing them for God. So what does this look like for me? I’m gonna keep it real, it doesn’t look graceful or cheerful. I often have to remind myself to fix my face, after catching a reflection in the mirror. I find myself thinking or saying “God, this is for you. This is me being an obedient servant, wife, and mother- being who You have placed me to be.” And I repeat it on loop while folding laundry with a scowl, until I can get myself in check.

Honestly, they don’t notice. I mean, we’d all like to think our families are aware of it all, but they usually aren’t. My boys don’t notice that I pick up their trash. Heck, most times they think they’ve put things where they go, when really they’ve only thought about it. But you know what they do notice? Our countenance and our attitude.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t excuse laziness or disrespect. But what good does it do to stir in my upset while angrily folding the towels? None. Does it make my husband recognize more than I’ve expressed already with words? Nope. And that’s why my friend is so wise in reminding me how to live for an audience of One.

We don’t get a gold star every time we clean the toilet. We don’t get praise with every load of laundry or dishes. However, in doing things with a cheerful heart we are pleasing God, and He always notices. It’s a choice. One that I sometimes struggle to choose. But if we aren’t careful to choose joy, we could find ourselves resenting the blessings that God has given us. Today, as I adjust my own attitude, let’s remember who we really live for.